There is an assumption that any racial minority is a de facto authority on race, race relations and racism; this is a standard myth. Most of us don't want to spend our lives discussing race or reliving the painful history of racism from the perspective of the victim. But I found myself getting increasingly frustrated with the racist attitudes and behaviors I saw around me, even in those who cried loudly for equality in marriage or marched against ableism. You expect racism from your enemies, you don't expect it from your colleagues and friends. So this is an experiment in education. This virtual space is going to host some friends and people I respect a great deal, and we are all going to try and leave a body of work that will hopefully help our readers understand what damage racism and ableism can do, what impact it has on groups of people navigating in the worlds of both disability and minority, and how each and every person reading this can do one thing a day to change the equation from hate and ignorance to educated intelligence and love.



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