Moments of Intersectionality

Moments of Intersectionality are events, prose, and content that happen to demonstrate the intersections of disability, race, religion, etc,  and the consequences of this intersected meeting in the context of the event occurring.Intersectionality

But what is intersectionality?

"Intersectionality (or Intersectionalism) is the study of intersections between different groups of minorities; specifically, the study of the interactions of multiple systems of oppression or discrimination.[1This feminist sociological theory was first highlighted by KimberlĂ© Crenshaw (1989). Intersectionality is a methodology of studying "the relationships among multiple dimensions and modalities of social relationships and subject formations" (McCall 2005). The theory suggests—and seeks to examine how—various biological, social and cultural categories such as gender, race, class, ability, sexual orientation, and other axes of identity interact on multiple and often simultaneous levels, contributing to systematic social inequality. Intersectionality holds that the classical conceptualizations of oppression within society, such asracism, sexism, homophobia, and religion- or belief-based bigotry, do not act independently of one another; instead, these forms of oppression interrelate, creating a system of oppression that reflects the "intersection" of multiple forms of discrimination."
From Wikipedia

Here they are, your moments of intersectionality. Please feel free to suggest any more examples to add to this link list:

Intersections Like Me
Dear White and Other Privileged Friends: or, Toward a Pedagogy of Unlearning
Autism Acceptance, by Anonymous
Autism in Black and White
Race and Disability
What if the Media Treated Black People The Way They Treated Autistic People?
Unspeakable Conversations 
Why I am Leaving Feminism
Double Rainbow - Autism and Race
The Intersection of Race and Students with Disabilities
Black and Latino
NY1 Exclusive:  Willowbrook Activist Looks Back, 35 Years Later
Keb Mo's Ode to Intersectionality in America the Beautiful's video
We are the 15 percent
At The Intersection of Appropriation and Erasure In Activism
Surviving Inclusion: At The Intersection of Minority, Disability and Resegregation
On Surviving Inclusion
On Disparity in Education: The Risks and Bravery of Being First 

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